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Ultrasonic Cavitation, Frequently Asked Question

February 4, 2018

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Photorejuvenation-Photofacial Frequently Qsked Questions

January 5, 2018


What is Photorejuvenation?


Photo Rejuvenation or photofacial effectively treats red and brown pigmentation such as sun spots, brown spots and facial telangiectasia while improving the skin’s texture and tone. It is primarily used for skin imperfections such as freckles and sun spots, but it also improves the overall skin complexion.

Immediately following your Photorejuvenation treatment, brown spots and discolorations will start to darken and your skin may appear slightly pink. This typically lasts a few hours to possibly a few days. During a time span of one to three weeks after your Photorejuvenation treatment, the darkened spots will flake off and/or fade and facial capillaries or diffused redness will decrease. Photo rejuvenation is suitable for skin types I through IV.


What is the Photorejuvenation Procedure For dark Spot?


When you come in for your first photo rejuvenation treatment, we will begin by cleansing the skin. The face is mapped out or divided in small sections to ensure even coverage. Goggles are placed over the client’s eyes for safety. A thin layer of gel is applied to the skin. The photo rejuvenation hand piece is applied to the skin one pulse at a time. You will feel a sharp pinch with each pulse.

Before beginning treatments, we encourage all clients to visit us for a complimentary skin consultation. At this time we will analyze your skin and provide recommendations based on your skin’s needs and your personal goals for your skin.



How much downtime should I expect from my work or scheduled social functions?


None. This procedure is a "no downtime" procedure meaning that you may return to all scheduled activities immediately.


What will my skin look like after the procedure has been done?


The skin may have a pink/red appearance (erythema) post treatment for 24-48 hours. Sun spots or hyperpigmentations may appear to be darker. This darkness is the hyperpigmentation or sun damage affected by light therapy. Overall the skin may look and feel tight. If you wish, you may apply powder or make-up right away.


Is the procedure painful?


You will experience a slight sensation as the pulses of therapeutic light are passed over your skin like mild pinch or sting. The sensation is very mild and easily tolerated. Topical anesthetic creams are not required but are available for individuals who wish to numb the skin.


How many treatments are required?


Individual Results May Vary. However, a series of 3-5 treatments is scheduled. Each treatment takes less than one hour to perform. Treatments are scheduled approximately three weeks apart. A series of treatments will take about fifteen weeks to complete.


Will I be able to interrupt my treatments for a holiday or trip or other event?


Yes. We are able to reschedule your visit and will always endeavor to accommodate necessary changes. We request notice as soon as possible in advance as that time has been reserved for your treatment. We appreciate seven days notice for rescheduling.




How long does the results last?