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Qi facial mixing facial based on stimulating acupuncture points

Qi Facial - Acupoint Gold Magnet

How QI Magnetic Acupoint Facial Help Your Skin?

Qi magnet acupoint facial is created based on use of acupoints to improve flow of vital force “QI” of skin to help improve skin complexion. It improves trans-epidermal water loss. Therefore, Qi magnetic facial helps with volume problem of skin like puffiness (excess pathology) or volume loss (deficiency pathology) in addition to dealing with reduced collagen and elastin content of skin. Another positive effect of Qi magnet facial can be improvement of microbiota of skin by inducing micro-magnetic bio-resonance on the cellular level of skin.

Skin care products are vital for skin health.  But using products solely is not enough to completely nourish, support, and prevent aging. This was a good instinct to invent new ways of helping skin health without surgery and Qi magnetic acupoint facial is one of the latest non-invasive techniques to help with your anti-aging protocol and skin complexion improvement.

How Qi Magnetic Acupoint Facial works?

The Qi Acupoint Facial System works by placing small therapeutic mini-magnetic balls on specific acupuncture points on the face. Your practitioner may offer to add stimulation of some distal acupoints corresponding to meridian they assessed on your face. Acupuncture points are wonderful for improving overall health. They can be stimulated by direct needling, applying gentle pressure, using laser over the point or this recent amazing technology, using small Gold magnet ball to induce micro-magnetic field on special acupoint. The induced micro-magnetic field have been shown to increase blood flow and improve lymphatic circulation.

What are the results of doing Qi Magnetic Acupoint Facial?

The Qi Magnetic Acupoint Facial treatment helps to improve flow of stagnated Qi, improve local circulation, enhance appearance, move stasis and support underlying lymphatic drainage. As a result, skin feels more relaxed and less puffiness, invigorated and the complexion is enhanced. All of these positive outcomes are the results of enhancing the flow of Qi of the face and skin. Due to better lymphatic flow, skin texture improves and tones in addition to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. As the location of Qi is below the skin, therefore this treatment works from underneath of external layer of skin and let the skin heal and invigorate at a deeper level without opening the skin barrier by injecting the products. Not to mention that using products topically cannot penetrate to the Qi level which is deeper layer of skin.

How many sessions of Qi Magnet Facial do I need to see the results?

You need 4-6 sessions to see the primary results. However, as the purpose of treatment is enhancing flow of Qi and vital force of your skin, you will see more improvement a couple of months after finishing your treatment. You may need touch-up sessions every 6-12 months to keep your results .


Do I need any preparation before treatment?

Best preparation before Qi Magnet Facial is hydrating your body which means drinking enough water and fresh vegetables to promote the flow of Qi.


Can I use my make-up after Qi Magnetic Acupoint Facial?

Yes you definitely can use any kind of make-up you wish. Qi Magnetic Acupoint Facial is one of the most relaxing invigorating facial treatment you may have ever done!

How much does it cost for each session?

It really differs based on the purpose and duration of the treatment, starting from 299.00 per session. 

But, do not over-think it! We tailor a solution that suits you! Besides, we have a huge discount if you buy it as a package of 6 sessions! 

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