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February 4, 2018

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Age Spots & Sun Spots, Frequently Asked Questions

January 17, 2018


What are age spots or sun spots?


Age spots which sometimes are called liver spots and sun spots are flat, usually round areas of increased pigmentation on your skin. Their color is from tan to brown.

These small dark areas on your skin are usually located on the most sun-exposed areas of the skin meaning on the face, back of the hands, shoulders and arms which are areas with highest rate of exposure to the sun.

What is the size of these age spots?


Age spots are different in size and range from size of a freckle to about 10 millimeters. Sometimes they gather in group together, making them larger and more noticeable.


Who may get age spots or sun spots?


Age spots are more common in elder people. However, younger people can get them too, particularly if they spend a lot of time in the sun. That’s the reason they are called sun spots as well. Besides, Age spots may affect people of all skin types, but they're more common in people with lighter skin tone.


Are age spots cancerous?


Age spots are usually harmless and don't need treatment and treatments are usually for cosmetic purposes. However if the spots are growing fast or have multicolor or change their shape it is best to have them evaluated by your doctor, particularly:

  • If the size is growing rapidly

  • If it Is becoming darker or already is very dark

  • If you noticed any changes in the appearance of your spot

  • If it has irregular border

  • If it is becoming multi-colors

  • If it is painful or has itching, redness or bleeding

What causes age spots or sun spots?