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Practice self-care rituals with use of Essential oil blends to help you let it go. Self care rituals and adding essential oil blends is a gift of self-love to yourself that gives you capacity to find your way from stress out towards calmness. Paying attention to yourself is a foundational lifestyle change that helps bring peace to your mind.

Cedarwood:  With a  woody fragrance, sooths, calms and grounds the mind & body, promote vitality & relaxation, assist with emotional balance, lets you find a natural calm and confidence.
Clary Sage:(Salvia Officinalis): Calm & Relax the mind and body, Alleviate muscle tension and help with reducing cramp, Support restful night sleep by quiting mind-chatters.
Carrier oil: Jojoba oil: Rich in vitamin E and antioxidant

Not for oral, internal use!
External / topical use Only!
Keep out of on face or around nose and mouth of younger children!
Use it as directed by your health care practitioner!

Stop Mind-Chatting, Essential Oil Blend, Massage Oil

SKU: 6
Excluding GST/HST
  • 15 ml blend essential oil in carrier oil with dropper, for external use such as Massage oil, diffuser.

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