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A simple nice mind and body relaxation tool!
To calm the mind, Indulge yourself by adding a jade roller fine massage to Your relaxation night ritual
Give your face and neck a nice extra care with the slow movement of jade roller on your skin. 
Joyful to use, makes you relaxed and removes fatigue from your face. 

From a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, many important meridians work together to control the face and  using Jade roller promote the health restoration actions of meridians. 
Health benefits of using Jade Roller includes:
Promote blood circulation,, 
untangle knotted areas and relieves tension of facial muscles.
Promotes lymphatic drainage. 
Help reduce puffiness on the face.
Help with better absorption of serum into your skin
Temporarily  help improve fine wrinkles

Jade Roller

SKU: 20
Excluding GST/HST
  • Material    Jade Quartz
    Product grade    Home
    Water resistance level    Water Resistant

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