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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair reduction is a safe technique that is offered by many spas and medical clinics for both men and women. Men and women are now able to eliminate unwanted facial and body hair rapidly, safely, and effectively with laser hair reduction.

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Laser hair removal is an effective method to remove unwanted hair for a long time. Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive, clean and relatively painless treatment for permanent hair reduction. Suitable for any body area and size; from face to bikini lines and under arm to larger areas such as legs, back, shoulders and abdomen. This unique technology is safe and reliable, offering excellent hair reduction results with minimum discomfort. This is achieved by targeting and damaging the follicle of the hair. The target for laser is pigment or colored area of hair follicle. So, laser damages the hair follicle without hurting surrounding skin. In next 2-3 weeks, these burned hairs fall out, without any resistance. In approximately 4 to 6 weeks you will notice regrowth of hairs in a lower number and diameter.  This is the time for you to schedule for your next treatment.

Based on the laser light wavelength and the machine, you may need 5-8 treatments for best results. Hair follicles naturally are in different cycles of growth at a time. The best time to attack a hair follicle is the time that it is in active stage of growth which is when the hair follicle has a full root. This is the reason Laser hair removal requires recurrent treatment.

Most popular treatment areas include underarms, legs, the bikini area, the upper lip, chin, and men’s backs and shoulders. Laser hair removal generally works best where the hair is dark and/or coarse and the skin is lighter (color contrast). The number of laser hair removal treatments varies based on ones’ ethnic background or skin type as well as the area treated.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Before your treatment;

​DO NOT wax, tweeze or sugar the area to be treated. Laser hair removal uses the hair shaft as a conduit to transfer laser energy down into the unwanted hair follicle and destroy it. If unwanted hair is pulled out before the procedure, the laser energy has no way to travel into the follicle, and therefore cannot destroy it.

DO NOT use depilatory cream on the area to be treated. The chemicals in these products may irritate the skin and make the treatment painful.

DO NOT tan before your laser hair removal appointment.
Tanning make the skin hypersensitive to the laser and increase risk of damaging your skin. We highly recommend you avoid tanning at least two weeks before your laser hair removal appointment.

DO NOT tan after your laser hair removal appointment. Exactly as tanning will make your skin hypersensitive to the laser light, the laser light make your skin sensitive to UV light exposure, which means you may burn rather than tan. The result might be permanent areas of hyperpigmentation on the areas that were treated by the laser. We highly recommend you avoid tanning at least two weeks after your laser hair removal appointment.

DO NOT use skin care products on the area to be treated. This includes moisturizers, oils, makeup, perfumes, deodorant, antiperspirant, or powder, depending on the area being treated. Please inform your laser technician about any medications you're taking. Some medications can interfere with laser hair removal, while others can make your skin more sensitive to the laser light. If you use any prescribed topical medication on your skin, make sure to notify your laser technician in your consultation session. Remember to include topical medications, not just pills.

​During Your Treatment:

Your technician will first clean and prep the area to be treated. Next, if the machine need cooling gel, she will apply cooling gel on the area to ease the treatment. The hand-piece of laser will move over your skin, releasing pulses of laser light. 

You may still experience a bit of discomfort such as burning, or a sensation similar to being snapped by a rubber band.

​After Your Treatment:

You may see some redness and swelling on the surface of the skin, but this will soon disappear. As with any treatment involving lasers, it is essential to protect the treated skin with sunscreen or clothing.

In the weeks following your appointment, you may still see some hair growing in the treated areas. This does not mean the treatment didn't work. This simply means that your body is naturally trying to get rid of dead hair. They will fall out by themselves.

​Laser hair removal for Blonde, Red or Gray/White Hair

Different type and concentration of melanin in hair follicle give the hair different color. As a general rule the highest level of melanin in follicle, the best response to laser hair removal. Therefore, blonde or red hair does not respond well to laser light. White hair is simply a result of a lack of pigmentation, so it is absolutely non-responsive to laser hair removal. In this case you may seek other ways of hair removal.

​Laser Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin

Usually after consultation a patch test is performed for all candidates. If you have extremely sensitive skin, it is recommended that you have a patch test done before starting treatments in order to determine whether laser hair removal will be a suitable option for you.

Sensitive skin may be treated in a similar fashion to darker skin, even if doesn’t have a dark tone. Extra cautions such as using more intense cooling methods, longer wavelengths, and also more frequent sessions may be required.

​Laser Hair removal over Tattoo areas

​Tattoo is a permanently inserted high concentration of artificial pigment into the uppermost layer of skin. This high concentration of pigment will absorb laser light, causing discomfort, skin burn and may ruin the tattoo either. To avoid damage and negative side effects, it is recommended not to perform laser hair removal over a tattoo area. However, the procedure is safe to perform around it. Your technicians take all measures to make sure there is no contact between the laser light and the tattoo area.

Please Note That Individual Results May Vary.

Do you need a touch up after laser hair removal?

Yes, you need. Usually after 3-6 month you may need 1-3 sessions of touch up. There are some at home low energy lasers that you may consider to consult with your technician if they work for you to prolong the effect of your treatment to be used at home during that 6 months.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal, men's back
Laser Hair removal, Bikini line
Laser hair Removal for leg
 Laser Hair removal for men's chest
Laser Hair Removal for back of neck
Laser Hair removal for forearm
laser hair removal upper lip
Laser Hair removal for chest
laser hair removal upper lip
Laser hair removal for sideburn
Laser hair removal bikini line
Laser Hair removal gor thighs
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